НЕФТЬ straight run
НЕФТЬ | straight run
The works on the album "НЕФТЬ | straight run" correspond with, comment on, and counterpoint each other. The piece "SMOG," created in 2012, forms the starting point of the portrait. It generates its sound material from electromagnetic fields of computers, which are scanned and read out with magnetic coils. "The noise created in SMOG subtly becomes the continuum of all nine pieces, with partial 'image noise' added to the sound noise," says Egbert Hiller in the booklet text. This applies to six audiovisual works created in close collaboration with video artist Jens Standke.

The musical journey takes us from distorted (self-)perceptions in social networks ("Construct-deconstruct") to the breaking up of patterns and features from pop and rock music and their fusion with new music ("It's Britney, bitch!" and "HeroIn"), and ends in the final piece with a declaration of the composer's artistic independence: "'Declare Independence' is a rebellion and shows that I am above all curious, always searching, and ready to embark on new horizons."
Quasar quatuor de saxophones
Paulo Álvares
Sebastian Berweck
Ensemble Garage
Ensemble HandWerk
Ensemble electronic ID
Cologne Guitar Quartet
Lothar Zagrosek

Stephan Schmidt
Eva Pöpplein
Christoph Maria Münch
Guillaume Barrette
Hendrik Manook
Christoph Rieseberg
Anton Blank
Hendrik Manook
Oskar Kosubek

Jens Standke
Mathias Klein
Björn Machel
Oliver Haase

Co-production of Deutscher Musikrat gGmbH and Deutschlandfunk for the portrait of Sergej Maingardt in the CD series "Edition Zeitgenössische Musik" of Deutscher Musikrat.
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